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The Angkor Photography Festival- Contest

The Angkor Photography Festival is coming up soon.

This year it will be held in Siem Reap from Nov. 25until Dec. 1st, 2006. If anyone is interested inattending please contact us with any questions.

Formore info visit our website: Angkor Phot Festival or here ( Collections of photos)

If you haven't already entered any images in our "Asiain the World" contest please join our group now andadd some photos! The limit is 20 images and winners'photographs will be shown at this year's festival in Cambodia. Plus, top prize winners will be receiving signed copies of photography books by world renowned photographers.

Deadline is November 1st. Please be sure to read the rules

Thanks and good luck!

Stuart Isett

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  1. # Blogger Jinja

    Love the picture!
    (Dogs have been banned from Angkor, although it will be really hard to enforce.)  

  2. # Blogger deedee

    nice post here... nice and cool pik too!  

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