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A Cambodian Student Looks at Life in Two Different Worlds

Matt Frame To Swim Handcuffed For 24 Hours Non-Stop

I can't imagine swimming non-stop for more than a few hours, let alone having myself handcuffed while doing it. But Canadian filmmaker Matt Frame, who recently broke world record for the longest handcuffed swim, has announced that he will be swimming handcuffed on Christmas day for 24 hours non-stop to raise awareness and money for underprivileged Cambodian children.

For more information on this worthy cause, go to

Butterfly Dream

When you were dreaming, have you ever thought that it was merely a dream?

I once dreamed that I was able to fly. In the dream, I floated around my house to the surprise of my parents and my neighbors. It was incredibly fun. I was enjoying myself when suddenly someone said, “it’s just a dream." But I refused to believe it. Someone then said that if I didn't think it was a dream I should pinch myself. I did and surprisingly the me in my dream could feel the pain. I excitedly yelled out, "It hurts. I could feel the pain. So it's real! Ahahah! I can't believe it's real" And god knows if it's real or fake. So after a while of an incredible journey, I woke up. Someone in my dream must be right. It was really a dream.

Now it makes me question myself if my entire life here is just another dream.

Of course, I always tell myself that it's impossible. Life here is too complex to be a dream. From the moment I was born till the day I'll be gone, it'll be pretty long. I've known many people and done a lot of things. So many things in the world that I've seen. There's no way that it's a dream.

But a small part of me argues that it actually is. It can be a complex dream. Well, a life long one. Just like me in my dream who was convinced that it was real- that I was able to fly- I am now convinced by everything around me that my life here is real. I only believe it was a dream only after it’s over.

If my life is, in fact, a dream, then whose dream is that?

Well, it can be a dream of someone who looks exactly like me in my real life. It can be a dream of a butterfly, a bird or some kinds of animal that I know. It can be a dream of an alien, or a different kind of specie that I've never seen before. That person or alien probably lives an incredibly long life in an incredibly complex civilization- probably million times longer and more complex than my present life.

As for the dream, it probably starts at the very second I was born. When I'm done with my life- or simply speaking when I die-I will probably wake up in a different world. I will probably open my eyes and be astonished at the fact that my life, which I believed was quite long and complicated, was merely a dream.

Well, I'm not crazy. I don't always believe that my entire life is merely a butterfly's dream. It's just an occasional thought that pops up in my head. Even if it's really a dream, I know I will live and enjoy the best of it.

Cambodia Today- Cambodge Voyage

Got this link from a friend. It's a one-hour TV program originally aired on Discovery Channel. The video documents various fascinating aspects of life as well as popular tourist sites in Cambodia( not just Angkor or Toulsleng).

Traditional wedding of the ethnic Phnorng in Mondolkiri is particularly impressive. If you have time, check it out. The link is below:

Cambodia Today- Cambodge Voyage