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A Beautiful Day

Yesterday it rained like crazy. I’ve got to hate rain so much since I came to Japan. Here it rains more frequently than in Cambodia and it seems to rain throughout the year no matter what season it is.

Right after I woke up this morning, I checked the weather forecast. It said no rain today. That was wonderful because it meant I wouldn’t have to bring my umbrella with me.

Birds were singing as I pulled out my bike and started cycling toward my school. The sky was clear and the air was cool. The trees were changing their colors and shedding their leaves. It’s the beginning of autumn.

I got to my class five minutes early. Many students were already there. I took the back seat. Whilst waiting for my teacher, I took out Stephen King’s [Four Past Midnight] that I bought two months a go and intended to read a few pages. As I was about to read, I noticed a girl sitting just right in front of me. She was wearing a pink T-shirt; she got a pink notebook, a pink highlighter, and a pink portfolio. “Girl in pink”, you’d say.

On a bright and clear, blue-sky day like this, [pink] is cool all right.

I got back to my book. As I began to read, I noticed some sorts of blue letters on the back of her pink T-shirt. I decided to read as I believe designers spent a whole lot of time just to make a few attractive phrases, and why can't I just spend a few seconds reading?
The letters go like this:

I want you here in my room. Now we're
gonna be face-to-face
and I'll lay right

For the next 90 minutes of my class, whenever I looked at the teacher or the blackboard, I couldn’t just keep my eyes off her pink T-shirt, of these blue characters. I read and smiled; reread and smiled.


It’s a beautiful day.