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Poem: Autumn

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  1. # Blogger dara

    A OUN in Michael Learns To Rock song called "Take me to your heart" there is a phrase : "THEY SAY NOTHING LAST FOREVER.....".
    haahahah this is the rule of this world.but you know only one thing that never change and i hope you know that ...  

  2. # Blogger seserak

    You're right,

    Everything changes.

    Only CHANGE that remains unchanged...  

  3. # Blogger dara

    hahaha A OUN you're 100% right.
    only CHANGE that remains unchanged ... (+_+)  

  4. # Blogger admin

    This is fascinating to read and feel.

    I am wondering if you can write it in Khmer Unicode.  

  5. # Blogger seserak

    Hi Tharum,

    I want to write in Khmer Unicode too, as a matter of fact. But the problem is most schools here in Japan won't allow you to download anything from school's public computer; meaning I can't read everything that is written in Khmer Unicode.

    Is there a way to view Khmer Unicode without having to download?  

  6. # Blogger Kalyan

    It is so meaningful!

    I'd like to argue that 'Change' can be changed! e.g. He changes... I've changed... (j/k)

    Anyway, Seserak u r an awesome poet!  

  7. # Blogger admin

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  8. # Blogger admin


    I have just posted your question to:

    Hope other geeks will help.  

  9. # Blogger seserak

    Thanks a lot,Tharum, for posting my question there!  

  10. # Anonymous Beth

    I would love to read your poem, but alas I cannot read Khmer. Could you translate in English?  

  11. # Blogger seserak

    Hi Beth,

    Here's the English Version( Just a plain translation, sorry, as I don't know how to write English Poem):

    Autumn has fallen,
    Along the road, the trees are changing their colors,
    The leaves, once green, now turn red,
    Some have fallen off to the ground.

    Between Trees and Men, is there any difference?
    We were young the other day and suddently we find ourselves old,
    We meet yesterday, tomorrow we part,
    O what a changing world!  

  12. # Anonymous Beth

    thank you!  

  13. # Anonymous Lindsey

    Thank you for the translation  

  14. # Anonymous Vesna Loek

    You have such talent with Khmer poetry. This poem reminds me of our beloved Cambodia.  

  15. # Anonymous 'Vanndeth

    very meaningful poem. i have also writen some poems, but they might not as good as yours. i will send u some next time.  

  16. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Cool and cold together ur poem is. I love it, samak mith.  

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