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Pictures of the Day: Sushi(寿司)

5 Responses to “Pictures of the Day: Sushi(寿司)”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I don't think it's Sushi, coz It's not like what I've tested here, Hanoi ;-)  

  2. # Blogger seserak


    Could you post some pictures of Hanoi's Sushi?

    I think its shape and taste may differ by location.

    Would want to try Hanoi's Sushi someday.


  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I will try, if I have chance to get there again ;-)  

  4. # Blogger leakenak

    Oh, Sushi!I dont like it at all. Most of my friends here like sushi very much!  

  5. # Blogger seserak


    I thought you liked it.  

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