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The Force of Love, the Runaway Decision and Its Consequence(1)

I called a friend in Cambodia three days ago to say hi, only to find out that he was arrested two days earlier on charge of kidnapping his girlfriend (of course, it wasn’t him who was answering the phone but another friend of mine). Shocked at the news, I curiously asked if he really committed the crime and how it happened.

His explanation as to how thing happened was inconceivable. I could hardly believe this.

I’ll try to sum up the whole story. He’s been dating his girlfriend for over a year. He is from an ordinary background whose family is neither rich nor powerful. She is from a higher class of society - wealthy as well as influential. In December last year, her parents realized she was having relationship with him. They strongly opposed their dating and tried to keep them apart. She was briefly locked up in her room. Nevertheless, they both were still able to secretly keep in touch.

When the force of love was getting stronger and deeper, both decided to runaway as it was the only option left for them. They set out a date to run away from home. And that was last week. They didn’t go anywhere far but his home, hoping that should her parents found out they would understand their deep and profound bond of love, and eventually let them live together.

But the result would not come as easily as he had expected.

Her parents found out where he lives a day later. They got him arrested on charge of kidnapping their daughter. At the police station, when asked if she loved him, the girl said she didn’t, and accused him of luring her out of her home; that he had her handcuffed, and then had her kidnapped. She demanded $5000 from him as compensation. My friend was totally devastated at how thing had turned out. For one thing, he has always expected that she would demonstrate her love of him in front of her parents under whatever circumstance; that her parents would understand; and that love will finally win. He couldn’t believe she would make up such horrible story. Moreover, he does not know how he’s going to afford $5000 to compensate her.

The saddest thing is her family is powerful enough to send him to jail should they want to do so. If he is convicted he could be locked up in prison for at least five years.

Why did she do that? It is because she was pressured to do so? Is it because she had already planned it? Or is it because she suddenly got to hate him?

He doesn’t understand.

I do not understand either. Perhaps the only reason is he believes too much in the power of love.

I’ll write more tomorrow when I got more updated information from my friend. Now I’ll have to call him again.

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  1. # Blogger Sopha

    I'm very sorry for your friend. Either if it was her plan or was she pressured to do it, i still think that she couldn't have done so. Never before had I thought that there would be such girl in the world.  

  2. # Blogger dara

    hello sopha, I don't hate any girl but just want to say that there are many girls like her out there (;_;).
    to Ah Oun Seserak, thank you for sharing this story.hmmmm,when finished reading this story I just wonder may be I could be in the same situation like your friend if I..... 3 years ago. man,do not wonder.when it's time to choose between her parents and boyfriend I think the girl will choose her parents.(even though she wanted your friend to be in trouble or not).
    man, remmember the word "Chet Srey Crov Jeang Bat Samot"?
    to all girls who will read this comment.I am sorry if I make you angry.I know that all people have their own way of thinking.And I myself had such "Ka-Uot Cheam" experience too (+_+)  

  3. # Blogger p+k

    This very very sad. This sounds like kinda drama in a way but yeah I've heard the same problem like this before a few years ago. I feel so sorry for him. This will be the most traumatic experience for him and he won't be able to trust anyone anymore.

    I'm wondering if he saw and heard his gf (I should call her his ex by the way) saying that stupid thing by himself or not.

    I really don't understand why the the girl's side demands $5000 while they're rich and powerful. Is it a kinda of punishment or are they trying to rip him off? Whether she planned it or she was under pressure to do so, she's such a betrayer. Before running away, there must have been a commitment between them so they should have sticked to ech other no matter what.

    See, you can't really trust anyone at all. One year is not enought to get to know someone. This is a lesson learned for all of us.

    Peace out!  

  4. # Blogger seserak

    Thanks Sopha, Dara and Phalkun for showing your compassion toward my friend.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi, I'm sorry about your friend, but I definitely think she is under pressure to do so.

    As you said, her family is wealthy, it doesn't make scense if she set up the plan for over a year just for $1000 or $5000. If she planned it, I am sure she would have found a richer person than your friend.

    As you said, her family is powerful enough to send him to jail should they want to do so, and (in my idea) whether she told the polices that your friend kidnapped her or not. But if she did, it would make thing a lot easier for her parents and maybe your friend too.

    Her family is from a higher class in society, I guess they need a reason for her disappearance for that 1 day without making them look bad. And what if the price in exchange for not sending your friend to jail is to betray him, and the best that she can do.

    It sounds like a story that I made up or I try to be different, but it's not sound like she planned it to me or weird to say that she suddenly got to hate him.

    I don't think there's anything to do with Gender, there're guys out there that betray their girlfriends or worse.

    To dara, I don't think you should blame girl for choosing her parents. If we learn from this story so do girls from other horrible lessons. After all, I believe that our parents are the only people that will never betray us.

    I'm a girl by the way, and you're welcome to think I'm saying this because I'm a girl.  

  6. # Blogger dara

    hello Anonymous,
    I didn't mean that our parents are bad or will betray us.I understand your feeling as a girl.I just wanna say that to her family she is a good daughter but to her lover she betrayed him.Because I was betrayed too I really know how hurt it is.No one is wrong or right in this case but if you stand on her bf shoes you will understand.  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    It's not strange for me, such story. Most cambodian girls nowdays are unreasonable, dependant, hungry-for-money, unable to think, and beleive everything their mother say.  

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