From Cambodia to Japan

A Cambodian Student Looks at Life in Two Different Worlds

Too Late...

A headline on today's Kohsantepheapdaily really made my day. By saying "headline" I really mean the title of the article. The story itself is not really funny as a man had to lose his bike.

It reads, " Watching Thief Stealing the Bike. ..Thief Started the Vehicle... Couldn't Catch Thief, Thief Gone." A summary of the article:

A man parked his motobike outside a market and went shopping inside. Knowing that the bike's owner has gone inside, a thief approached the vehicle and was trying to steal it. The thief didn't realize he was being watched by the market's security guards. The guards knew the thief was trying to get away with the bike, but they thought they'd wait untill he got on the bike, so they'd run to grab him. But the thief was really a professional one. As soon as he had unlocked the vehicle, he drove it away, while the guards were running behind and tried unsucessfully to grab him.