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Within You'll Remain

I've been looking for this song for ages. Finally, some genuinely kind blogger has posted it. Big thank man.

Listening to this song is like taking a journey back through time---well, to be exact, to year 1996, when I was in grade 9. I first heard this song in a part time English class. It was Saturday, I believe. Back then the school had an extra session on Saturday, and it was always about listening to English songs.

Students seemed to enjoy this day more than any other days. They were particularly more attentive to the "lesson". They were more willing to repeat, to work in groups and to do the role play.

Needless to say, the students seemed to have absorbed the whole lesson without any major difficulty. At the end of the class most of them could easily repeat what they had learned and heard. Some students---for instance, me---even felt the class was too short. Only one hour. We even suggested the class be extended.

Yet, that's not the end of it. We would copy the lesson to practice at home until we were told by our parents or relatives that they were tired of hearing the same songs being played again and again on the tape.

If only our academic course could be turned into such kind of fun "music lesson" in which every student is passionately interested and involved in it, I am sure study performance would be significantly improved.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy this song.