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Khmer Krom Recipe

I just came across this incredible website. It has excellent instructions on how to cook Khmer food. As of now, there are 561 recipes, ranging from appetizers( Mahope-Sra) to salad( Nhoam) to soup( samlor) to dessert and drinks. Each recipe is neatly written, and is accompanied with a picture of the sample dish.

The site's name is Khmer Krom Recipe. But as I dug through its contents, I realized most of the recipes are basically the same as Khmer Kandal's. Yet there are a lot of yummy-looking dish that I've never seen or tried. Since I'm a very bad cook, who knows only a few Khmer dish, I hope to learn a few recipes from this site. Big thank to the creators of this page.

If you're interested, you can go here : Khmer Krom Recipe. Scroll down to see the details of each recipe.

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