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Oil Be Damned

Stan, the columnist for Khmer440, wrote a fascinating article on the future of oil price, how it's going to affect Cambodian economy, and also offered alternative solutions to the problem:

Actually, getting back on subject, this article is more about Cambodia and its energy future than oil. Gasoline is now about $3 per gallon here; this will likely double in the next year or two and then keep going up from there. Furthermore, those of us old enough to remember the oil crises of the 1970’s understand that the difficulty, even more than high prices, is availability. There were times when people would wait in line for hours to fill their tanks only to have the station run out before they reached the pumps.

In addition to difficulty in the transportation sector, Cambodia also gets nearly all of its electric power from diesel generators. This should be cause for alarm and a crash program to set up a biofuels economy.

The complete article is here: Oil Be Damned

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