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A Cambodian Student Looks at Life in Two Different Worlds

Am I actually living in the dream of a butterfly?

Chuang Tzu dreamed that he was a butterfly.
All day long, he floated on the breeze
Without a thought of who he was or where he was going.

When he awoke, Chuang Tzu became confused.
"Am I a Man”, he thought, "who dreamed that I was a butterfly?
Or am I butterfly, dreaming that I am a man?
Perhaps my whole waking life is but a moment in a butterfly's dream!.
This is a story of transformation"
(By Chuang Tzu, the great Toaist master of the fourth and the third century B.C)
Chuang-tzu dreams he's a butterfly,
and a butterfly becomes Chuang-tzu.

All of transformation this one body,
boundless occurrence goes on and on:

it’s no surprise Eastern seas become
western streams shallow and clear,

or the melon-grower at Ch'ing Gate
once reigned as Duke of Tung-ling.

Are hopes and dreams any different?
We bustle around, looking for what
( From the "Ancient Song", by Li Po, one of the greatest poets of China)

3 Responses to “Am I actually living in the dream of a butterfly?”

  1. # Blogger p+k

    Thanks for sharing.

    Yeah, if you dream a lot about one thing(another world) over and over again. You might have a feeling that which world is your real world? It's kinda like you're living in 2 worlds.


  2. # Blogger Kalyan

    wow, I love butterflies.. yeah I wish one day i could become a butterfly too hahaha  

  3. # Blogger dara

    hey, I like this one man, keep doing this good job and I want more about this kind of thing hehehe.... :)  

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