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My Seventh Poem: Lonesome Moon

7 Responses to “My Seventh Poem: Lonesome Moon”

  1. # Blogger Blogs By Khmer

    Wow!. You are a good poet. I cannot write poems like you.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Svay Rieng native.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Good job man.
    You captured it well. I was thinking the same thing man when I created my site. That's why I called it Khmer Overseas and Forever in Transit. I will elaborate on these ideas more later.  

  3. # Blogger dara

    Ha ha ha Ah Oun.I think you could not see the stars because the moon light is too bright lolz. just a joke man. good work.I want to read more poetry concern RenAi.hahahahahaha  

  4. # Blogger seserak

    Thanks Thom and Pr for the comment.

    Haha..Dara Ah Oun, not the moonlight, but the city lights that wash out the night sky, making it hard to see the stars.

    About RenAi, I'll try to get myself into a RenAi KanKei(恋愛関係) first...You know, no RenAi myself means no idea to write RenAi poems.  

  5. # Blogger viirak

    Good poem actually!
    Hope i can write some poem too, would you share some ideas?

  6. # Blogger viirak

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  7. # Blogger seserak

    Thanks Viirak, for your comment.

    Composing a Khmer poem seems rather difficult at first. For one thing, Khmer poem requires many rhymes in a single sentence, as well as rhymes connecting one sentence to another.

    However, once you know the trick of writing, you'd find out it's not really hard at all.

    The trick is simple: read as many Khmer poetry as you can.

    The first book that captured my heart and got me into reading and writing Khmer poems was the "Poetry of a Virgin Heart"-known in Khmer as " Jet Kromom"- by the reknown Khmer scholar, Professor Keng Vannsak. He is also the author of another Khmer bestselling poetry"The Prison of Passions"-known in Khmer as " Kuk Karm Keles".

    These two books are highly recommended. Below is the list of additional Khmer Poetry Book that I would also recommend you. They are availalbe at most book stores in Phnom Penh.

    1. Nireas Nokor Wat(Leaving NokorVat),By Soton Preyjea In(1967)

    2. Bopha Kmao(Black Flower), By Koi Sarun(1970)

    3. Kert Jea Monos Nis( Born as a Human Being), By Koi Sarun( 1972)

    4. Sek Sarika, By Norin Van (1994)

    5. Tom Tiev, By Piko Sorm(1915)

    6. Somros Jivit( The Beauty of Life), By Kun Sron(1974)

    7. Jbab Kromgnoi, by Pirum Peasa Ou(1972)

    8. Kar-Key, By King Ang Doung(1830?)

    9. The Art of Writing Khmer Poems, By Pich Tom Krovil( 1989)

    10. Khmer Poems, By Li Somoni(2002)

    12. Me Karp Khmer, By Eang Sai(1960?)

    13. Bondam Kakvey, By Kong Bunchheun(2000)

    14. Daen Dey Tirk Pnaek(The Land of Tears), by Yin Lout(1998?)  

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