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Picture Of The Day: Apsaras In Japan

I took this pic in early March, 2003. These young Apsaras were invited to perform in several cities of Japan. Me and a group of Cambodian students volunteered to assist this event. Some were assigned the task of translating for these kids, whilst the rest were responsible for selling Khmer noodle and souvenir. I joined the noodle-selling group.

I also took time to watch these young dancers. First time in my life to see Apsara dancing live in front of me. I used to see them, of course, on TVs.

Beautiful indeed. I guess their perfomance must have impressed the Japanese people as much as it has impressed me.

3 Responses to “Picture Of The Day: Apsaras In Japan”

  1. # Blogger Lux

    Really excited every time I see Cambodian flag abroad. It is rare.  

  2. # Blogger Kalyan

    hehe.. earlier there was one here during my fund-raising project. Check my blog too see it!

    OH, it is really nice. I really wanna no how to dance this kind of dance so that I can show off the others. I used to do coconut dance, though..  

  3. # Blogger Patrick Leong

    just drop by to say hello. i saw your comment in melissa's blog. one of my dream is to see cambodia's angkor wat. i hope i get to go there sometime in the future.  

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