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Justice for the Weak

Finally my friend’s case was settled. He was released from police custody yesterday, after spending exactly ten days for a crime he did not commit (well, I must say he did commit crime against tradition though).

He said it was like he was born again.

But the settlement came only at the expense of his dad’s hard-earned money. 800 Dollars were paid as compensation to his girlfriend’s family, whilst judge received 150 Dollars for agreeing to close the case.

Best actor of this real life dram should be awarded to the judge, who was very quick to alter my friend’s crime- from a usual runaway teen’s case to kidnapping and rape, serious enough to put him at least 8 years in jail if convicted; and who was very quick to decide he is not guilty and closed the case after easily pocketing $150.

His girlfriend deserves the best actress award. She has demonstrated a great ability in performance. She could act as a love-crazed girl, a runaway daughter, and at the same time a heartless girlfriend, an innocent and obedient daughter, and a victim of kidnapping. After all, she’s the winner.

My unfortunate friend might or might not deserve the title as the worst performer, who expected too much from the power of love, from the dream he was sure enough it was not going to come true. Yet he told me he is not angry at his girlfriend at all, and he still loves her no matter what she’s done to him. “She just did what her parents made her do!”

But, whether he is willing to or not willing to, between him and her, it has to be over. I really pray this love to be over. For the last words from his girlfriend’s family was: “No kidding. Next time you will be shot in the head.”

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  1. # Blogger Sopha

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  2. # Blogger Sopha

    Glad to hear dat your friend's been released now. Still, I'm so sorry for him for his deceiving himself that his girlfriend still loves him.

    Try your best to explain him and help him out of that hell, Seserak... It's no use for him to be a slave of love,while his girlfriend is making love her slave.  

  3. # Blogger Blogs By Khmer

    I want to let you know I really enjoy reading your blog. I wish I could write like you more. But my internet access is limited.

    I have no confidence in the Cambodian court system. For $800 that a lot. your friend is not at fault. He's comming out clean now. he should try to rebuild himself to be educated/rich and successful so that the girl and family would wish the she/daughter would be with him.

    Like they said, there are so many fish in the sea--so many girls. Go on with life. Your friend need to pursue a different girl---a more beautiful girl and kinder than this fiery one.

    Best of luck to him.


  4. # Blogger seserak

    Thanks a lot Sopha and Thom for your comments.I really appreciate your advices.

    I've talked to him already and hope he's going to recover soon.

    By the way, Thom, you have a great site there.I also enjoy reading your blog. Please post more when you are free.  

  5. # Blogger leakenak

    Happy to hear that your Poor-friend has been released. Yes, this is a lesson for him and the unforgettable thing in his life, I guess.
    He shouldnt have believed too much in love, as you said. I hope he will learn from this not to fall in love with girl easily..
    Wish him meet the good one for his life!  

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