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Pictures of the Day: To the other Side

4 Responses to “Pictures of the Day: To the other Side”

  1. # Blogger Kalyan

    where is it?  

  2. # Blogger seserak

    Hey Kalyan,

    It's one of the half-primitive and half-modern ferry docks in Kandal province, Ksach Kondal District.

    I went there in early March, this year.

    From Phnom Penh, it takes almost one hour to get there.To reach the other side of the river(BASAC river) you gotta take this ferry. It costed 400Riels going back and forth, and an additional 1000Riels for your bike.

    I don't know when a bridge connecting villages on both sides of the river will be built. I just hope it will be soon.  

  3. # Blogger pr

    nice raw pictures of Cambodia.
    I like them very much.  

  4. # Anonymous vanndeth

    Seserak, i also hope that the bridge will be built soon so that will ease our travel. However one question came up into my head: What will the ferry owners do after that? Will they become a moto-taxi drivers??  

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