From Cambodia to Japan

A Cambodian Student Looks at Life in Two Different Worlds

Oun Nov Bongkeuy

8 Responses to “Oun Nov Bongkeuy”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    good poem, and thank for sharing us . Keep posting!  

  2. # Blogger KK@111

    thanks for sharing. But I don't undertand the meaning well. not because I forgot khmer. lolz...  

  3. # Blogger seserak


    Frankly, I don't fully understand it either. But I just feel the phrase is cool. Maybe I have to mail to ask the author,Mr Keng Vannsak, what kind of message he wanted to convey.  

  4. # Blogger Chanbopha

    First, maybe we've got to see in the name of whom our author referred to, i.e., are they the lines of a man or of a girl. Then, we might start to interpret the meaning. :)

    Sorry I haven't read Chet Kromom, I can't say anything. Have you?  

  5. # Blogger seserak

    Bong Bopha,

    Of course, the book is with me.

    The whole poem, from which the two lines are quotes, consisted of 14 lines. So I'm pretty sure that that 's not enough to interpret the whole meaning as all the lines are co-related. Even with the entire article, I still find it difficult to understand the hidden message from the author.

    Anyhow, I will scan that part and post it for you and Volb-kk@.  

  6. # Blogger Chanbopha

    thanks :) can't wait to read it.  

  7. # Anonymous sony

    u seem loving poem much...  

  8. # Blogger Vatey

    really nice poem but as ka ka said! i don understand it well even though i have just arrived france for only 2 months! BLah blah blah  

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