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My Blog Is Worth B$9,578.58!

Believe it or not, that's what I learned from today. Almost ten thousands dollars. That's quite a high price for a small blog like mine. On top of that, my blog is " available to trade," according to the site. Funnily enough, someone apparently owns my blog. He's currently holding 80% of the total shares. Thought someone was making fun of my blog. Curious, I went to the site's Home and found the following introduction:

BlogShares is a fantasy stock market for weblogs. Players get to invest a fictional $500, and blogs are valued by incoming links.

That answers my curiousity. is apparently quite popular, though I hadd never known its existence till today. Well, not only me who is listed for the valuation, but also everyone on my link's list. Some information about each blog are, however, out of date.

8 Responses to “My Blog Is Worth B$9,578.58!”

  1. # Blogger Wanna

    Congratulations!! YOu seems to be on the top of all Khmer blogs ;-)  

  2. # Blogger seserak

    Hi Wanna,

    Actually, my blog is not on the top, and I don't care evn if I were. I Just find the valuation of my blog hilarious(in $$$!).

    Besides, information about each blog is out of date, like incoming links and out going links. The statistics provided by the site should be taken for fun- not seriously.


  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Ha..ah..good you are now millinaire!  

  4. # Blogger Nikanaki

    Oh my gosh! i thought it was for real as you mentioned that "Well, not only me who is listed for the valuation, but also everyone on my link's list." Hahaha...I am relief to see your comment which you said it is for FUN.  

  5. # Blogger seserak

    Hey Naki,

    Maybe I didn't make it clear in my post. I should have mentioned that.

    Thanks for dropping by!  

  6. # Blogger ZJ

    I had the same surprised reaction when I saw my blog listed in Blogshares. I had to claim it right away so that no one will lay their claim on it. I agree some information are outdated.  

  7. # Anonymous khmer blog

    I must say, Seserk blog is one of the top khmer blog.

    The more incoming link, the better. Final word: Never stop blogging your site, You could sell it for real cash (Although it may not be over 1K, but 999US$ is worth it, isn't it?) heheh :)
    Well done, seserak.  

  8. # Anonymous vutha

    Congradulation ! you reward a plemnty of dolars. junny....  

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