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Cambodia’s Failing Democracy

Ronald Bruce St John's commentary on Democracy in Cambodia is quite interesting.

As the Cambodian experience makes clear, democracy is not synonymous with holding elections. Well-run elections are a peaceful, efficient means to allocate power and authority. But one election, or even many elections, does not necessarily a democracy make. The essence of Western democracy consists of a separation of powers with checks and balances within a system of democratic institutions, political parties, and free elections. The Cambodian elite has yet to embrace central elements of this process, like power sharing, dissent, and loyal opposition
The complete article is here: Cambodia’s Failing Democracy

St Johnan is the author of Revolution, Reform, and Regionalism in Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam (Routledge 2006). The book's title alone sounds interesting enough. I thought I was going to order the book from Amazon. But I was upset when I checked the price. It costs more than 100 bucks. I'm wondering why it has to be that expensive.

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  1. # Anonymous ThaRum

    You should try to look for second hand book stores. I think used books are very affordable.  

  2. # Blogger dara

    yep, I agree with tharum. On amazon website there always have some second hand book available but hmmm second hand book some time it comes in real good condition but some time it comes in bad condition. Be careful dude!  

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