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Earthquake in Cambodia or Ghost?

The online Kohsantepheapdaily, reported a few days ago about rumour of earthquake in various parts of Cambodia. I initially thought it was a kind of ridiculous rumour like the eating-bean-to-prevent-SARS that circulated the whole country three years ago. I've been in Cambodia for almost all my life and have never heard of a single case of earthquake in Cambodia(neither did my grandparents and my parents).

Not untill I learned from the news that there were earthquakes in Vietnam at exactly the same time when some buildings in Cambodia were said to be swaying did I come to believe the story is not made up this time. We might be suffering an aftershock from the major quake in Vietnam.

Jackychhay, a new Khmer blogger, wrote in his site a few days ago, confirming what has happened:

On Tuesday November 8, Around 3 P.M I was sitting on a wood-made bed and watching the ghost movie on channel 9. Immediately, the wood-made bed started shaking a little bit and I thought maybe someone pushed it, but no one was behind me only me alone.Then I began to be afraid abit because no one near me, or the ghost wanted to frighten me. How can it be I never believe the ghost exists in our world. I had concluded that maybe the wood-made bed is so old that it's shaking

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    I was curious about earthquakes in Cambodia. Do they really never happen? Do you know of some source on the internet that talks about it?  

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    Earthquakes can happen ANYWHERE in the world. THere caused by faults and fold in which case there are breaks in the rock. You and your grandparents only live a minis cue in earths lifetime. So its not a good cue to judge if there are earthquakes in cambodia.  

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