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Unusually Quiet

It’s Wednesday, and, according to my schedule, class starts from first period. I never like first period class. Early start time deprives me of my needed sleep. Well, today I woke up rather late to the sound of my second alarm, so I knew I got to rush to school.

Despite the cold morning of autumn, I found myself sweating hard as I sped my bike down the road then up the hill and up the hill till I got to my school, which is located on a hillside.

School today was unusually quiet. There were a handful of bikes on the parking site where normally you’ll see hundreds of them left there. There were even fewer cars. Not a soul, a single soul. The school looked as if it was deserted. I guess I was the earliest person to be here today.

Strangely quiet. The scene reminded me of the Langoliers, a short novel by Stephen King, in which a plane carrying a group of passengers accidentally travels back into the past. I was wondering if I had just slipped back through time while speeding my bike up the hill.

Not likely. The trees, the air and the sky were lively, fresh and clear- not as dead as the scene described in King’s novel. Besides, I could hear voices of sport trainers from the school’s playground which meant I wasn't the only person in the school.

Still there was another possibility: something wrong with my watch. Maybe it went faster than usual. I rechecked my watch. Nothing wrong. I was just right on time.

Now I began to suspect that today might be national holiday. So I checked the calendar in my phone. “Autumnal Equinox Day(秋分の日)”, it said. Well, that's it-national holiday. All I could utter was: “Oh, #$&%!!”

2 Responses to “Unusually Quiet”

  1. # Blogger Blogs By Khmer

    Great writing, seserak. I enjoy reading your postings. How far/long did you have to bike ? You could have been in bed sleeping!  

  2. # Blogger seserak

    You're right,Thom,I should have been sleeping.It's not the first time I've made such an embarrasing mistake though. It happened twice during the last two months.

    So I thought I gotta write this out to remind myself not to repeat the same mistake.

    By the way,the school is only 15 minutes away by bike. It would take me lesser time if the school weren't built on a hillside.  

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