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Wanna's Diary and

Wanna has just posted an interesting article about palm tree:

For long, the Khmer has adopted the thought that "where there're palm trees, where the Khmer territory is" - it's the symbol of Cambodia. It also plays an important role in Cambodian daily life.

There're many products made of palm tree - its leaf can be used as the house's roof(still ubiquitous in countryside), its column used to support the house's loads, its crop as dessert, food in Khmer soup(called Samlaw Kaw Ko), and most remarkably, its syrup is used to produce "sugar palm tree" (technically called Borassus flabellifer) and a delicious "soft drink", or even a kind of wine "sour nectar".

Check out his blog for the rest of the article.

Meanwhile, Beth Kanter has just recommended a Cambodian blog for those who are looking for authentic recipies for Khmer food. Also, she's been following the recent political development in Cambodia for a while. And yet you can find many other interesting posts at her site .

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  1. # Anonymous Beth

    Thanks for the pointer. Do you have any fond memories of Palm trees?  

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