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Women in Cambodian Politics

After a brief search on the net with the above key words, I got the following data:
  • In the National Assembly, women hold only 12 out of 123 seats or 9.8%; whereas in the senate, women hold 8 out of 61 seats or 13.1% of the total .( In Thailand, women hold 53 out of 500 seats or 10.6 % in the Lower House and 21 out of 200 seats or 10.5% in the Upper House. While in Vietnam, women hold 136 out of 498 seats or 27.3% in the National Assembly) For more : Women in National Parliments
  • Following the 1998 election, there were only 2 female ministers among the 25 ministries and 4 female Secretaries of State out of a total of 50. At the time this was an improvement, though there are still no female provincial governors. Previously there were only 4 women in politically appointed positions and no female ministers, secretaries of state or provincial governors. ( From NGO Forum On Cambodia: Gender in Poverty Reduction)
  • Only 9% of the 169,000 civil servants are women, and only 8 of 110 judges in Cambodia and no prosecutors are women.
  • Prior to the 2002 Commune Elections there was discussion of developing a quota of 30% of seats for women. However, this suggestion was rejected and only 8.5% of the councillors elected were women.

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5 Responses to “Women in Cambodian Politics”

  1. # Blogger Blogs By Khmer

    Well, percentage wise Khmer women in politics is not far behind from the Bhudist country Siamese. But I would like to see more Cambodian women holding public office positions. In near future I would love to see Khmer woman as a prime minister. Actually, any new prime minister to replace the current corrupted dictatorship ruled of Hun Sen would be a step of change to my Cambodia. I want my Cambodia to have a prime minister that is not kowtow to Hanoi.

    (I express this writing under freedom of speech--please don't throw me into Kuk Prey Sar)

    Thank you.  

  2. # Blogger Wanna

    Very informative numbers you've got here!
    By the ways, I've temporarily moved my blog to, pending the current error recovered :-(  

  3. # Blogger seserak


    I have edited the link to your temporary site.

    I will replace it with your original link once you're done with the error.

    Keep posting,  

  4. # Blogger leakenak

    I hope to see more Cambodian women get involved in politics and become leaders . The government should encourage women to share their idea and more involve in the development of our Cambodia. Dont forget that woman is the mother of the world! She is the one whom gave births to all heros in the world.  

  5. # Anonymous Sam

    I don't mind men or women as long as they are good leaders, consider Cambodian people benefits as the most important thing and bring Cambodia towards peace and wealth.  

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