From Cambodia to Japan

A Cambodian Student Looks at Life in Two Different Worlds

My Profile on Global Voices

Beth Kanter has just posted and interview with me on Global Voices. She's been profiling Cambodian bloggers both in the country and other places.

Read the interview at this link : Asia Blogger Profile: Cambodia’s Seserak

9 Responses to “My Profile on Global Voices”

  1. # Anonymous Vutha

    Hi sererak, I read article posted on saying about your life living in Japan and what you are missing Cambodia. In fact, when we live far away from our country we always miss it, what is important is family, relatives and friends.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous


    I've studied at NIM too, so just wondering what do you think about NIM and your university in Japan?  

  3. # Blogger Chhay

    now u dare to show ur pic...haha....  

  4. # Blogger ZJ

    Congratulations, Seserak!
    I've been lurking in your blog for so long time now and I thought it's about time to leave a comment.
    Good luck on your studies and keep up the good work.

    By the way, I linked you to my blog... hope that is ok with you.  

  5. # Anonymous ThaRum

    You have done well in these years to get there. And I hope to see you in our home country. Cambodia deserves to have people like you as we have a long way to go.

    First I've found that we share similar interest in books we read. Now I've realized that you are at my age, as born in 1982.  

  6. # Blogger seserak


    What you're saying is true. I guess both of us know the feeling well.


    There are some differences and similarities between the two universities. It could be a long post. I'll talk about it later.  

  7. # Blogger seserak


    Thanks for dropping by. I've just linked you to my blog too!


    I also hope to see you in Cambodia when I return home. Stay in touch!  

  8. # Anonymous Beth

    Glad you enjoyed the profile! I enjoyed writing it... hope you are well.  

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