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A Quote From 19th Century Khmer Poetry

8 Responses to “A Quote From 19th Century Khmer Poetry”

  1. # Anonymous mungkol

    This is the first time that I heard this poem! Could you tell us from which book do you extract this poem from?  

  2. # Blogger seserak


    It's a quote from " Anthology of the 19th Century's Khmer Literature," by Khing Hokdy.

    The original mauscript of Poet Ean Wat, from which I quoted above, was destroyed in 1975. Fotunately, a small part of it was published in Kampuch Soriya, then a famous Khmer Literature Magazine.

    As for the book,it presents short biographies of the 19 century's Khmer poets along with excerpts of their works.

    Highly recommended!  

  3. # Anonymous mungkol

    Oh thanks a lot Seserak!

    I'd love to read it but have to wait till I get back home :(  

  4. # Blogger sousdey

    also a first time for me. I love olden Khmer poetry. I find the wordings to be much deeper and meaningful than most works of the modern Khmer poets. I really do need to check the library for this book.  

  5. # Anonymous khmerstudentblog

    wow, i'm impressed with the use of words in that poem. Really a master piece. Thanks for sharing.  

  6. # Blogger p+k

    Nice poem bro. Thanks for sharing. Maybe ehhh i can use it ;)  

  7. # Blogger Lux

    Fantastic poem. I'm afraid you wrote it by yourself.  

  8. # Anonymous Meas Mab  

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