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Alive and Kicking

Yeah, I’m still here, and I’m celebrating myself with a few beers. Just submitted my 9th semester assignment and finished my last exam today. Nine papers in three months. That’s more than enough to keep me busy for the whole semester. It isn’t over yet, though. I’m going to have a lot more things to do during this summer vacation. Hopefully, it's gonna be all right.

Well, enough about me. Regarding my Weblog, I actually haven’t updated any post for the past four months. But I did add some new interesting Blogs to my Link. Here they are:

1/  Vanndeth is a Khmer student. She blogs from Germany.

2/ Details Are Sketchy’s currently residing in Cambodia. She blogs about politics, culture and almost all things related to Srok Khmer.

3/  Chanbopha is a Khmer student studying and working in Japan. She writes about her life here.

If you want your personal page to be linked to my Blog, just send me an Emai or add me to your friend’s list. I’ll return the favor. By the way, I’ve noticed that my share at has significantly dropped during my absence- from $9,578 to $8,082.09. Luckily, there’s no loss for me as I don’t own my own blog (ahahaha!).

Finally, I wanna thank those who’ve spent their precious time reading and commenting on my site.

Cheers! ***Budweiser***

2 Responses to “Alive and Kicking”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    The tone of your writting seams to differ than before, I guess it's the effect of Budweiser.


  2. # Blogger Chanbopha

    Congratulations with your school work!
    Keep working hard:D  

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