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Goodbye My Mobile

It's been really hot for the past few days. So hot and dry. I don't like such weather. In Cambodia it's just equally hot, of course. But I didn't feel the unpleasantness of the atmosphere as much as I do over here. Maybe that's because the humidity level in Cambodia is higher than in Japan.

Adding up to the problem, my Aircon has recently stopped working and I'm expected to have it fixed next week after my exam. Nevertheless, I still find the heat bearable. My TV, my CD/DVD player, my Computer, my Lamp, my printer, my fridge, my fan and everything in my room, too, seems to be able to tolerate the weather, except my Mobile Phone.

It went dead this morning. DEAD. The power wouldn't switch back no matter how long I recharged the battery. Now I just hope it's the battery that is broken, not the mobile itself as I have some pictures and files in it.

It's been with me for two years. I brought it back and force to Cambodia and I thought I'd just want to keep it for a little longer. I didn't want to change it because I had no good reason to do so.

Now I guess I could find the excuse...

6 Responses to “Goodbye My Mobile”

  1. # Anonymous vanndeth

    I know how you experience the heat in other country. I face that problem too. Here in Cologne, the temperature is around 31C. i usually have a headache when i am in the train whith such temperature.  

  2. # Anonymous DAS

    Wow. Hotter than Cambodia. Maybe it's just because your not at home that makes it feel worse. If it makes your feel better, it's really hot here in Cambodia too right now. Not much rain for the rainy season, so not manyof those gorgeous and cold evening downpours.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    hey., so long that i have been waiting to read your block. m happy to read it again.

    about your phone, you should throw it away and buy new one.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous


    Great to see you back! I hope to read more of your posts.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    u c?ppl. miss ur blog ;) However, just do what u can cos u`r having big thing to deal with. good luck na.  

  6. # Blogger Wanna

    But plz never say goodbye to Blogging *lol* I love your posts.

    By the way, please kindly change the link to my blog to [iCAMBO Blog] instead! Thanks in advance!  

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