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Khmer Site Recommended

Looking for new articles on Khmer culture ? Then try Khmer Renaissance. The site is an online magazine and is devided into six sections: (1) Lifestyle; (2) Custom and Belief; (3) Art and Literature; (4) Heritage and History;(5) Geography, Evironment and Nature; and (6) Words and Etymology. Each article is written entirely in Khmer and is quite recent. The site also accepts publication from readers.

Thanks Ratana, my friend and one of the authors of these texts, for introducing this very useful webpage to me . His article is here: Atharos Temple of Phnom Preah Reachtrop

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    thanks for sharing and it s really an useful site!  

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    that's a great site.  

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    Hello Socheat and Bong Bopha,

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    wow, great site.
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