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For real?

  • 17,535,000 : Number of Japanese tourist abroad in 2006or (or 14.6 % of the whole population. Data: Japanese Tourism Marketing Corp.)
  • 3,000,000 : Number of Cambodian tourist abroad in 2006 (or 21.4% of the whole population . Data: Reaksmeykampuchea )
Reaksmey Kampuchea today quoted Ho Vandy, president of Cambodian tourist association, as saying that more than 3 million Cambodians--or 21.4% of the whole population--- traveled abroad last year. Most of these people, he said, went to Thailand, Malaysia, Hong kong and Macao. The number doesn't include those who traveled to countries like the U.S. , Australia or Europe.

That' s a surprisingly high number compared to a mere 1.7 million tourists who came to Cambodia in the same year.

It's unclear how Mr. Vandy obtained the data. But if it's true, does it mean that the rapid economic growth( 13% last year) has actually benefited the population? Or does it merely reflect the fact that the number of Cambodian migrant workers who travel to countries like Thailand, Malaysia or Korea has considerably increased?


4 Responses to “For real?”

  1. # Blogger ZJ

    That's a good question. Are the figures really for real? That's quite unbelievable!  

  2. # Anonymous sokhodom

    I suppose it is possible to obtain from various source. One of which is the immigration data :)  

  3. # Blogger Wanna

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  4. # Blogger Wanna

    Moreover, I've noticed the Khmer now love traveling either domestically or abroad. Though the number may be far from imagination, but it reflects something. Tourists come to Ho Chi Minh city dominated by Khmer among ASEAN countries :)  

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