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Who was your ancestor?

Sometimes I wonder where my ancestors came from. I used to ask my parents about them. Sadly, though, it appears the blood line could only be traced back to as far as my great great grandparents or, say, a hundred years earlier. And it abruptly ends there.
But for Kung Te Cheng( Chinese: 孔德成), a Taiwanese, that is a little different from me. Mr. Kung is able to identify his ancestor who lived in China more than 2500 years ago. Guess who his forefather is. You got one clue: His surname is Kung ( ).
Well, here's the answer. He's Confucius(孔夫子), the great Chinese philosopher and thinker.
Mr. Kung Te Cheng is now a 77th generation direct descendant of Confucius, and is considered the head of the main line of descent. Of course, the line is not going to end here as he has a grandson and great grandson who is the 79th and 80th lineal descendent.
It’s fascinating in that after more than two an a half millenniums, the Confucius bloodline still survive. I’m now asking myself if I could be a descendent of some great persons who lived back thousands years ago. Well, who knows?( Hahaha) One thing I’m sure, however, is that my ultimate ancestor had to be here on earth as far as everybody else’s had. For I believe every human being shares the same ultimate ancestor(s).
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