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Extreme Khmer Video

Haven't visited for a while. Just checked back again today and found a newly made video---" Former Students Today". Like other Extreme Khmer episodes, it's both hilarious and informative. I didn't know Ta Frank taught Khmer back in Seattle. His Khmer language is excellent. For more of his videos, go to

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Why nillion of stamps featuring Hun Sen's wife have been launched? It's a pure culte of personality, both the Strongman and Neang Kahing. It's disgusting!  

  2. # Anonymous Deseretian

    Thank you for this. I met Navin when I was in Berkeley (I also met Frank once). When I was part of the ASK program, Navin and her group were staying just down the road. It was good to see her again.

    aukun craen  

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