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Classic Picture From Kohsantepheap Daily

This 's gotta be Kohsantepheap's best photo of the week.

5 Responses to “Classic Picture From Kohsantepheap Daily”

  1. # Anonymous Wanna

    His name "Con Nhỏ" means "little boy/guy". The man is very aggressive. He acts as if he is in Vietnam.  

  2. # Blogger seserak

    Ah I see. So he's a "little boy" who acts like a " big guy".

    By the way, I find the picture hilarious because Kohsantepheap didn't seem to care about the officer who stands beside Con Nho. The man must be very sleepy. I guess he must be laughing hard at the pic when he read the newspaper the next day.  

  3. # Anonymous Wanna

    Ah.. yeah,.. haha... the police officer seems tired than Con Nhỏ :)  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    hi there,

    seserak, now, i know who u r. really glad to know this. real proud of u my man. ur talent is just more than describable. anyway, thanks for ur comment to my article about "healthy nationalism".

    sim vireak  

  5. # Blogger seserak

    Hi Bong Vireak,

    Thanks for dropping by at my blog. I like reading your writings too. Keep going.



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